Equipment Use Guidelines During Covid 19


Durine Covid 19: Presenting/Facilitating and Borrowing equipment / Materials during a Class

In order to minimize passing germs on borrowed equipment like laptops, pens and pencil cases and markers, sticky notes….

We will have:

  • Clear Masks for Presenters and masks for participants upon request.  
  • The pencil boxes with extra pens, pencils etc…will not be available during Covid 19 Restrictions.
  • Participants and Presenters will wear masks during class (Following the guidelines of college courses)
  • Desk Shields available  for tables
  • Electrostatic Sprayers  at front desk and in each Conference Room for disinfecting room and shared materials like Markers and white boards after use
  • Electrostatic Spray in bathrooms 3 times a day. (Morning, after lunch and evening)
  • Microphones.  We will need more microphones so we aren’t passing the microphone from person to person….Or have one person designated to walk table to table to hold the microphone.    
  • Only supply sticky notes, white boards, big paper, and tech stuff like projector, screen, microphones.  Put all materials in the back of the room at the end of the day so we can sanitize them.
  • Tell people to bring their own materials if they need something other what we are supplying.
  • Put materials out, then in a dated bin where materials get dumped at end of day for sanitation
  • If a participant “borrows” an item.. They keep it.
  • We will not serve food during this time.  Kitchenette is closed.  Coffee and Ice Machines are not in service.
  • Policy of no more self service of supplies and materials.  Participants need to ask at the front desk if they need an item..
  • Protocol for accessing materials for PL meetings.  We only put out what they need.