Communication/ Marketing Protocol

(Full protocol HERE)

Create a Google Flyer

Sample Flyer LINK for Content areas  or a blank flyer template you can use or create a unique flyer and send it to Lindsay to finalize. Make sure to establish a hashtag for the event we are advertising so we can use it in the flyer.  (Beth needs to approve the flyer before it goes out to anyone.) RAs are then given a link or flyer when applicable (and Cabinet is given these things when applicable)

Options to reach a large audience: 

  1. Contact Beth’s Team (social media, scrolling sign by the street, screens in lobby)
  2. Contact Lisa Downing to send out in Contact Manager. Use of Contact Manager is the preferred method for reaching individual teacher groups vs. maintaining individual lists.  Protocol for sending email to groups and lists  If it is Teacher Leader related,  contact Jo Prusha who has the listservs to send info to (Jo Prusha and TLC team)
  3. Lori (Leadership Connection)   Draft Items for Leadership Connections  Instructors/Event Planners:   Forward a paragraph describing the event, to your Regional Administrator. State who the audience is and why we should encourage staff to attend. Leadership Connections are distributed to superintendents/ principals.  Add submission deadline dates to your calendar: direct link
  4. Word of Mouth (the team that creates the event)
  5. “The Stream” which is an internal newsletter.  The Stream – add items here
  6. Please also use Beth’s Communication Activities Calendar for big events for PR


If it is a REALLY BIG event: (IE: Hamish Brewer). Cabinet is involved in promoting it along with Joint Adm. and all other promotional steps listed above.