Tell Participants about our Withdrawal Policy

Be sure to review our withdrawal policy with your participants prior to class. It is good to have either a written form or electronic form to document they know and understand our policy. Send this via email prior to the class starting and again the first day of class. For more information please go to our policy manual at this link. You can also use this Slide Deck Sample to add relevant slides to your presentation so you remember to tell participants about the withdrawal policy.

Participant Withdrawal Policy:   This is located in the disclaimer when participants sign up for a class:

  • To withdraw from a course, participants will click on the withdrawal icon next to the course under My Courses.

    • Participants will receive a full refund when withdrawals are requested up to 8 days before the first day of class.

    • Participants will receive NO REFUND of fees for withdrawals requested 7 days prior to, on, or after the first day of class.

  • Participants may contact the AEA professional learning office administrator in the case of an emergency or a situation with extenuating circumstances to make a special request for a refund. Materials/other fees may not be refundable.

  • If participants have questions about withdrawals, please email the sponsoring AEA’s professional learning office.

Thanks for being an instructor for us!  Have a great day!

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