CRAEA Course Submission Protocol

CRAEA Course Submission Protocol

Central Rivers AEA Course Offering Protocol 1  

(For AEA Employees to follow)

Do you have an idea or know of a need for professional learning that you think we need to offer at Central Rivers AEA?   If your answer is “YES” then follow these steps below


Policy Manual (last updated: 10/13/2019)

BEFORE Entering a New Course or Section:  View process for updating your vitae here. Corlene Collum with approve your vitae.

Here is a blank Course Proposal Template Please make a copy


Step 1:  Read up on the research.  Remember, we want to offer professional learning opportunities that will ensure a high effect size for positive results for teachers and students.

Step 2:  Once you have read the research and it shows to be promising that this professional learning fits the needs of our schools and ensures high levels of success for students then see your Discipline Administrator Liaison and share your research and ideas for the Professional Learning Opportunity. (Here is the list of Discipline Administrator Liaisons.)

Step 3:  Once your Discipline Administrator Liaison approves you to “proceed” in producing a professional learning opportunity proposal, please fill out the appropriate professional learning proposal template:


  • Note: if you are choosing to provide lunch, please complete and submit the Catering request google form for Cedar Falls or the PDF form for Mashalltown and Clear Lake.


Step 4:  Once you have filled out your course proposal, then you will submit it to Amy Moine in the online registration system. Please be sure to include your grading rubric if you are offering credit. Examples are in the course proposal.   (Link to course proposal)   If you need help. Contact Julie Danker.


Step 5:  Amy Moine will review it and give you feedback until it is ready to publish.  (Give this about 3 weeks.   There are several districts and Agency courses that Amy reviews each week and this takes time)  Be as thorough as you can, for this speeds up the process.


Step 6:  Once your course is approved.  Please work with Amy Moine and Lisa Downing to talk about registration procedures, managing the class, and responsibilities as an instructor.  There is also a sample PPT set of slides that we may ask you to incorporate into your presentations to inform your participants of the requirements for getting the credit.


Step 6:  How do we get the word out?  Communication Protocol


Step 7:  All participants have to register within our online system and follow the expectations of the syllabus.  The instructor is responsible for this.


Step 8:  The instructor is responsible for assignments, attendance, grades, and closing the class.  Please work with Lisa Downing if you have any trouble in these areas.


Step 9:  Once the class is complete, you will “close the class” and the grades will be submitted.


Step 10:  If you want to offer the same class again, but to different participants please work with Corlene Collum on adding a section.

  • Please note: When creating new sections, do not enter any fees at the section level.  Additional fees (Presenter Fees, Lunch (Administrative) Fees, Materials Fees, etc.) need to be located at the course level only.


Step 11: if you want to offer additional new classes, please follow Steps 1-9.


Step 12:  When Submitting your Offerings here are some new format tips for the “statewide” system:


Be sure to identify your Offering as a Central Rivers AEA offering by adding CR followed by a space, hyphen & space, to the beginning of your course title so it doesn’t get mixed in with other agencies across the state.  Please see the examples below:


  • CR – Substitute Authorization
  • CR – Culture Audit 2019 Central Rivers AEA Inspired Leadership: Ed Services Consultants
  • CR – Be Relentless: Hamish Brewer’s Inspiring Way to Lead
  • CR – Leading Student-Centered Coaching Webinar Series with Diane Sweeney


When naming your sections, use the (Physical City/Site Location of class) (Start Date – Month/Day) and (4 digit Year)


If held at a Central Rivers AEA location:

  • Cedar Falls CRAEA October 8 2019
  • Marshalltown CRAEA December 15 2019
  • Clear Lake CRAEA August 2 2019

If class location is in school district (but anyone can attend), use the building name

  • Cedar Falls High June 7 2019
  • Mason City Hoover June 22 2019
  • North Butler Elem September 15 2019


If class is limited to a district only, add CSD behind the physical location

  • Cedar Falls High CSD June 7 2019
  • North Butler Elem CSD September 8 2019
  • Waterloo Kingsley CSD August 15 2019


If Zoom, use Zoom Origination site and Zoom

  • Cedar Falls CRAEA Zoom August 22 2019
  • Clear Lake CRAEA Zoom May 15 2019
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